Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday YouTube Roundup - June 25, 2017

Hey! I made it two weeks in a row! Go me!

First up, we have the awesome-as-always Bearing, who asks the question, Aren't ANTIFA a bunch of dumb cunts.

Yes, Bearing. Yes they are.

And it ends with a great song parody!

Chris Ray Gun (he who caused Laci Green so much trouble lately by having the audacity to date her) covers the latest instance of the left eating itself in an orgasm of trying to out-victim one another; BLM vs. PRIDE PARADE?. "Does everything have to be about race?" Yes, apparently.

Finally, Swedish "Nordic ritual folk" band Leidungr has a new track out entitled Gryning Flammar ("dawn flames"), which is an awesome ambiant track  that would be great in the background of some ritual. Terrific, haunting, stuff. Enjoy!

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