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Nod-and-Wink Nazis

Not processing to blót
This is a post that has been a long time coming, and I'm sure it's going to cost me a lot of friends and readers. Don't care. It needs to be said.

Folkish Asatru has a problem with what I call "nod-and-wink Nazis." Now, before the uni's and SJW's get all giddy in their jiggly bits and start saying "the Gardener has finally exposed Folkish Asatru for what it really is!", let me explain what I mean.

First and foremost, it's not all Folkish Asatruar. In fact, I think it's a distinct minority. But of course the uni's give them all the publicity they can possibly muster, in an attempt to paint the rest of us with that broad brush, thus distorting the reality.

But seriously, people. Just stop with the fetishizing of Nazi Germany. It's had its day. And that day ended in 1945. (And that goes tenfold for the actual Nazi roleplayers, with the uniforms and the salutes and the rest; just stop, you fucking morons, you're just hurting everything you claim to support.

Is that a Swastika
behind that Julleuchter?
How'd that get there?
There are the people who will take Nazi imagery and retool it into something that they can then say is innocuous. But we all know what it came from, and why you're using it. Even if you replace the swastika with an irminsul, or uruz rune, or something else, I know what you did, and so does everyone else.

When you take something, in modern usage, is only known because the SS popularized it, and say "but it's really an obscure 18th century Swedish design", I know what you did, and so does everyone else.

If you take a Waffen-SS poster and replace the SS runes with something else, but keep everything else the same or use photos of Waffen-SS soldiers in memes about "defending your folk", or say "Wotan mit uns" because you think nobody will know it's a play on Wehrmacht soldiers' belt buckles,  I know what you did, and so does everyone else.

If you use the straight-armed, clockwise-swastika, or if your color scheme is all red-white-black, or replicas of SS and SA dagger designs with the swastikas and eagles replaced by something else or the "black sun" symbol which was in Himmler's castle at Wewelsburg (and claim that you're reproducing an Allemanic brooch that has a lot fewer arms), I know what you did, and so does everyone else.

If you say "Sieg Heil!" at sumbel, and then turn around and say "I was just saying 'hail victory' using one of the ancient tongues of out ancestors" (despite those two words being the only ones spoken by you in any language other than English during an entire weekend), I know what you did, and so does everyone else.

And on and on and on.

Not found on an Allemanic brooch.
You're not being clever, you're not fooling anyone, and there's only two reasons to actually do it.

Reason the First: You're trying to signal to other people who know the original source, "hey, we're cool with the Nazis, but we know we have to change it a bit to make it socially acceptable and give us a thin veneer of deniability." You can tell people like this because, when called on it, they'll immediately try to downplay it and say it "really was more of a pre-Nazi thing" or whatever.

You're not being clever, and you're not fooling anyone.

Reason the Second: You're genuinely trying to reclaim some bit of Germanic lore or folk-practice that the Nazis appropriated and corrupted. Easily confused with the first, but with one essential difference; you come out and say how despicable the Nazis were, how awful it is that whatever-it-is became associated with National Socialism, and you explicitly say you're trying to reclaim it to expunge that taint.

See the difference?

Now, I'm not saying we as Folkish Asatruar, or Asatruar in general, or white people, need to constantly abase ourselves because of what happened in Germany between 1933 and 1945. That's patently absurd, any more than a modern Italian needs to constantly apologize for the Roman Empire having institutional slavery. It's in the past, everyone involved is dead, and it's time to move on.

But that's just it. Some people, it seems, don't want to move on.

On the Folkish side, there are some who really do sympathize with the Nazis. If that's you, don't fucking deny it. You know who you are. You'd be open with your admiration for Hitler and Himmler if you thought you could get away with it. If you hide it because you're afraid of the consequences, you're a fucking coward.

"When does the Führer sprinkle us with the mead?"
On the Uni side, there are some who are completely obsessed with the Nazis, and think that anyone to the right of Che Guevara is a crypto-Nazi. You try to constantly expand the definition of "Nazi", with the hope of tarring everyone you disagree with, with the taint associated with the label. But in reality you're just diluting the word to the point where it has no meaning. If you think Donald Trump (or Stephen McNallen) is literally a Nazi, you're deluded.

This bothers me both on an ideological and on a practical level.

On an ideological level, I genuinely believe it is possible to love my own folk and not hate, or want to exterminate, other folks. That includes not admiring ideologies like National Socialism that literally and legitimately did so.

That's another thing - the Nazis killed millions of Jews, and denying that fact, or quibbling about the number killed, is simply abhorrent. So is antisemitism and Jewish conspiracy-mongering. I find that as repellent as Marxists who try to ignore, downplay, or deny the fact that Marxism has killed a hundred million people in it's first century of existence. So, yay! You're supporting or apologizing for or defending an ideology that takes second place as the most murderous one in history instead of first. Congratulations.

On a practical level, you have so completely lost the "Hitler was the worst thing that ever happened" battle in the popular mindset that it's inconceivable that you think you're ever going to make any headway on that front. Yes, Marxism killed ten times as many people as Fascism. I tout that figure myself, but when I do it, it's in an attempt to clue people into the horrors of Marxism that many have forgotten since the fall of the Soviet Union. It's not an attempt to downplay the horrors of National Socialism.

You're not fooling anyone, and all you're doing is giving ammunition to the people who want to destroy Folkish Asatru, giving them a legitimate reason to say "they're all crypto-Nazis" because you insist on playing games with Nazi iconography. If your goal is to bring more people home to Asatru, slyly connecting it to what in most peoples' minds is the most horrific regime of the 20th century IS THE FUCKING WRONG WAY TO DO IT!!!

If you're going to be a fan of Hitler, at least have the balls to come out openly. Don't break out the Horst Wessel Leid after most people have left the event except the "trusted comrades" (and for fuck's sake stop calling people "comrade!"). You are doing nobody any favors.

Folkish does not mean racist. I mean it, and most of the people I know who call themselves folkish mean it too. Stop trying to be sly, and if you don't mean it, please understand you're not fooling anyone and just come out and admit you're not Folkish. You're racist, or National Socialist, or whateverthefuck you want to call yourself.

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  1. First, long time reader, first time poster. Big fan of your work.

    Folkish does not mean racist. I agree just like all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares. Your last paragraph screams straw man. You can be racist and a Taoist and you can be a racist and a Heathen too. When did you become the Asa-pope?

    Political Ideology doesn't mean something is not Asatru. This opens up a whole purity test of "you must think like this to be Asatru" which the Uni's scream at us about not being real heathens because we are folkish and to them wrong.

    Your second to last paragraph. Props. 3rd to last paragraph, we are in agreement again. But people aren't always wise and thoughtful all the time right?

    I actually disagree with you on this statement.

    "That's another thing - the Nazis killed millions of Jews, and denying that fact, or quibbling about the number killed, is simply abhorrent."

    Denying is patently absurd and abhorrent and I agree with you there, but the numbers part I disagree with. If we are allowed to freely change the history because of some political sacred cow and one can't question the numbers to learn the truth is abhorrent to me.

    It goes along the lines of "This happened, because I said it happened; don't bother to use science or any sort of logic or reason to make find if what I said is the truth.

    Democracy was also an ideology that has trampled on the rights of others and committed genocide. The Ancient Greeks did so on the Aeginetans around 430 BC. Because they were genocidal should we paint the entire political ideology with the same brush? There were some positive ideas that came from National Socialism (NS) and some crazy ones. It takes wisdom to know which is which (some may not take a lot of wisdom to tell the difference)

    This post won't cost you as I agree it needed to be said, I just think you are wrong about a few things. Some people don't want to move on and that is fine, we have political freedoms for a reason and while you may find them not to be Folkish Asatru, I still will even though I don't think I'd invite any of them over to my house for dinner. Just because we share the same beliefs doesn't make us kin.

    Tribes (Which were both political as well as familial organizations) were around for a reason and while the Folkish have many sides. Just like the Jarnsaxa scale, it doesn't say who is and isn't Asatru. It just helps boil down to what tribal thought you ascribe to. and that(NS) tribe is a part of Asatru. Religion and Politics are not mutually exclusive. We can have Democrat and Republican Asatru right?

    Anyhow thank you for your time. I find your blog and Son of Hel's to be one of my favorites.