Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday YouTube Roundup - July 2, 2017

Su-weet Jebus. Three in a row!

First off, we have the excellent Mr. Dapperton who dares to make the ultimate Politically Incorrect statement: STFU About Racism! It's Not A Big Deal! Oh you know some SJW heads are going to explode over this one.

One of the men (some would say the man, with some justification) responsible for the revival of Asatru in America, Stephen McNallen, unveils a new initiative in his latest video; The Wotan Network, "a project to awaken the European-descended peoples from their suicidal slumber." Go, Steve!

Finally, Holla gives us an introduction to the pagan origins of Frau Holle (aka Holde, Perchta, etc.) in a wonderful video entitled Frau Holle - Pagan Origins? Not a lot of people realize just how much pre-Christian mythology is just under the surface of a lot of those old folk-tales, and discovering that Holle is another name for the Norse goddess Frigg opens up a new dimension on how to approach Her, enriching our understanding of this often-overlooked goddess who is usually depicted quite one-dimensionally as a "goddess of the family." Holla's channel looks like it's just getting off the ground, so I'm happy to be able to give it some attention here.

And finally, for anyone who thinks that Alex Jones is anything other than a complete loon, I'll just leave you with this, courtesy of The Thinkery. NASA denies Martian slave labor camps:

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