Why is this blog called "Jön Upsal's Garden"?

Obviously, my name is not Jön Upsal. The name of this blog comes from a Danish folk-tale, as recorded in Scandinavian Folk-Lore: Illustrations of the Traditional Beliefs of the Northern Peoples Selected and Translated by William Craigie, originally published in 1896. Here is the tale itself:
When Christianity came to the North Odin fled over to the island of Moen in Denmark and hid himself in the Klint where his place of abode is still pointed out. At that time the priests called him the Giant from Upsala [in Sweden] but he is now popularly known as Jön Upsal; from this name also is no doubt derived the exclamation one hears so often on Moen "But Giant though!" whereas in other places they say "But Jesus though!" A man who now lives in Copenhagen is said to have seen Jön throwing out his sweepings one time as he was sailing past the Klint at any rate there was a thick cloud of dust coming out of his door. Various persons still alive are said to have landed in Jön Upsal's garden when they had lost their way in the forest on the Klint; it is large and beautiful beyond all description and stands in full flower in the midst of winter but if any one afterwards tries to search for the garden again of course it is never found. 
So Jön Upsal is Odin, and his garden is that place where his works remain fruitful, even though the rest of the world lies in the dormancy of winter; a fitting analogy for those long years when the worship of the Aesir was suppressed during the ascendancy of Christianity, but Odin's wisdom still endured, to be reborn in the spring that is the modern Germanic revival. I'm merely the humble gardener trying to help tend things.

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